Protect your budget while protecting your team.

Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, we partner with you to ensure you're getting charged the right amounts, while caring for your employees' needs.


Trinity Mark

The Trinity Advantage



As a privately held company, Trinity can align our goals more closely with yours without pressure to seek shortsighted gains at the expense of the long-term vision. Independence allows us the freedom to meet your needs and establish a long and successful business relationship.



Trinity serves a diverse client base with cost and care management needs at all levels of complexity. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone service or an integrated solution, we can offer cost effective options that are custom fit for your company in order to best serve you.



We provide data, knowledge, and tools created with your top issues in mind. Trinity directs a National Research Program that examines the pressing challenges confronting claims organizations today. The program empowers you with industry benchmark data and tools to evaluate priorities, hurdles, and strategies amongst your peers, allowing you to pinpoint operational outliers, advocate for needed resources, and validated existing practices.

We’ll help you get back on your feet. 


We are centered around meeting your needs.

Workman’s Comp is our specialty. Our certified and licensed staff walk you through our proven program from start to finish. We’ll verify treatments are accurate and don’t extend outside of workman’s comp, while making sure your employee is getting the best care they need. Our experts have experience in a variety of industries and ensure best practices, innovation, and strategic planning in their services.


We step in to protect ballooning costs and to ensure fair treatment, with excellence, for everyone involved.



About Trinity Review Services

TRS launched in 2013 to fill a void in medical utilization review industry and have been meeting the needs of businesses all over the state. 


“Trinity Review Services has provided excellent service working alongside us as our Field Case Manager. They produce timely work products, while maintaining high standards for quality. Dallas County has been fortunate to work with a company that possesses the ultimate ‘can do’ attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy.”

— Ricky Patridge, Dallas County Human Resources Analyst

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