Worker's Compensation Survey

The Synergy Provider Panel and Grand Prairie ISD are interested in hearing more about your experience related to your workplace injury.   The District has several programs in place to help you through the recovery process.  We would like to hear more from you regarding your experience with these programs. Please complete the short survey below.

Medical Care
Overall, were you satisfied with the care and services provided by the physicians in the Synergy Provider Panel program? *
Did you receive prompt appointments and referrals to other providers as needed? *
Did you receive adequate information about the Synergy Provider Panel to help you understand your responsibilities under the program? *
Network Manager & Return to Work
How do you rate the Network Manager’s assistance in arranging medical care and/or services? *
How do you rate the Network Manager’s assistance in coordinating your release for work? *
How do you rate your supervisor’s assistance in coordinating your return to work? *
Claims Adjusting
How do you rate your adjuster’s professionalism and thoroughness in helping you with your workers’ compensation claim? *
What is your overall rating of the Synergy Provider Panel injury recovery program? *